Decision making process

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SOSRHINE will focus on the low flow period of the River Rhine in the late summer and from August to November which is the most critical period for inland waterway transport. The lead time is 1 to 3 months to support the decision processes of the potential users.
Currently available short- to medium-range streamflow forecasts allow for optimizing the load of an upcoming trip, but for the German waterways hydrological forecast products supporting more strategic decisions with longer lead-times (e.g. optimization of fleet structures or adaption of stock management) are required.

Decision making process

1-3 month seasonal streamflow forecast issued each month
Optimization of logistic transportation chain
Decision updated every month


SOSRHINE provides seasonal streamflow forecasts for the River Rhine being one of the world’s most frequented waterways to support medium-term to long-term waterway-management and the planning and optimization of the water bound logistic transportation chain.