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The users of the prototype are 1) the logistic planner of a shipping company who have to optimize the fleet composition for the next months. They could e.g. hire additional small ship volume to be prepared for a forecasted low flow period. 2) The logistic planner of a company relying on inland waterway transport. They could optimize the modal split to transport their goods, e.g. order transportation volume of other transport modes in case of forecasted future low flows and they could optimize the industrial production chain including stock management in case of forecasted upcoming limitations of transport capacity. Yet many users do not exactly know how they could use seasonal forecasting information in the optimization process but they hope that EUPORIAS could develop tools to support them in using this new information.


SOSRHINE provides seasonal streamflow forecasts for the River Rhine being one of the world’s most frequented waterways to support medium-term to long-term waterway-management and the planning and optimization of the water bound logistic transportation chain.